Seattle Area Assaults

Most of us have either heard about or read about the recent attacks in our Seattle neighborhoods. After 4 assaults to women occurred in the area within just over 2 months, police are now urging women to take extra precautions. Each of these assaults, made by suspect(s) who have yet to be found, happened after dark to women who were alone. Two of these happened in Seattle Parks, one in Mount Baker’s Colman Park and the other in Seward Park. Both women gave a similar description of a young, black man, 5’8”, whose sketch can be seen here.  The other two occurred on the street, one on Lakeside Avenue south and the other happened near the Mount Baker Tunnel. These women described their attacker as Spanish-speaking, and 5’6”, whose sketch can be seen on The Seattle Times article.  All women reported being approached by a stranger and attacked with force or threatened with weapons. The amount of reports is unusual for the Greater Seattle area and police are still investigating. If you have any information on either of the suspects, you are asked to call the Seattle Police Sexual Assault Unit, or dial 911. In the meantime, please be wary of your surroundings and if you are out after dark, bring a companion.