Pied Piper Presents Charlie The Noise Guy at MBCC

mbccBring the kiddos out for a little fun this Saturday, January 9th, at the Mount Baker Community Club with Charlie the Noise Guy!

If it sounds like a cat, dog or washing machine, that’s what it must be, right? Well, don’t be so sure when this guy’s around! Charlie “The Noiseguy” Williams is, a vocal sound impressionist who can imitate the sound of planes, trains, automobiles and just about anything else!

In a  typical “Noise Guy” show you can expect to hear the sounds of  beatboxin’, flushing toilets, monster trucks, dinosaurs and much more. This show is truly one of a kind– you won’t believe your ears! Prefect Saturday afternoon entertainment for elementary school aged children and adults alike.  Be prepared for a fun and oh-so-silly show with this talented and diverse performer.

Just $3 per person.

Saturday, January 9th

10:30-11:30 AM

Mount Baker Community Club