Mt. Baker Schools Score Reports

School ClassroomSeattle Public Schools recently released a district wide report on state test scores and yearly improvement rates.  Eighty-two schools were involved and rated from 1-5, one being low passage rates and little improvement and a 5, the contrary.  Some schools received high grades, while others scores were not so impressive.  Twelve schools in the district got a perfect score, but almost just as many received a 1.  The Elementary Schools in the Mt. Baker neighborhood of Seattle include Thurgood Marshall, Kimball, John Muir, and Hawthorne.  According to score reports on, Thurgood received a 3, Kimball a 3, John Muir a 2, and Hawthorne a 1.  Scores among the middle schools and high schools for the Mt. Baker area included: Aki Kurose-1, Mercer-3, Franklin High School-3, and Cleveland High School-2.  District leaders have said that if these rankings don’t improve (in schools scored in the lower range) in the next couple of years, replacing the staff or closing schools may both be possible consequences.    Schools will be provided funds to carry out improvement plans, and those with the lowest scores will get the largest dollar amounts.  Among other communities whose primary schools received lower grades, residents have expressed concern over how this reflects on the education and curriculum in the community, and school representatives plan on providing them information as well as a meeting to discuss the reports.  Because the data is fairly extensive, some school staffers are organizing meetings for residents to attend.  Hopefully, these resulting scores will increase the emphasis put on the importance of education in our communities.  More detailed reports can be seen at