Mt Baker Clubhouse

No matter what you call it: Mt Baker Community Center, Mt Baker Community Club, or the Clubhouse at Mount Baker – it does not change that for nearly 100 years the Clubhouse has served the Seattle and Mount Baker community. 

In 1914, the Mount Baker Community Club decided to build the clubhouse to serve the community.  The clubhouse is perfect for fundraisers, reunions, weddings, receptions and even concerts for kids.  The community center can accommodate up to 200 guests with free parking, as well as kitchens, tables, chairs and even Wi-Fi available.  One can rent the entire building, the 2800 sq ft ballroom, or the 550 sq ft meeting rooms.  Prices to rent the space depend on a lot of variables, but to reserve the space (for more than 30 days) you must put down a $350 non-refundable deposit which gets applied to the overall rent and $500 cleaning deposit.  The Mount Baker Clubhouse is available all day every day until 10 pm (can clean until 11 pm on weekends) except Sundays when it is 8 pm.  One of the great things about renting the community club though is you can use any cater you want (even yourself).  To reserve the Mount Baker Community Club you can either call 206-722-7209 or email

Over the years have been the community center for a bunch of events (fundraisers, etc.) but last weekend they had a concert for young children during the day and the place was packed with kids having tons of fun.  It would have had the original Mount Baker Community Club smiling to see their clubhouse doing exactly what it was intended for 100 years later.