Mt Baker and Seattle’s Oldest High School Turns 100

FranklinThe Mount Baker neighborhood and Seattle’s oldest operating high school, Franklin, turns 100 this year and plans to celebrate the entire year.  It kicked off recently when famous alums such as Corey Dillon were in attendance for the initial celebration.  The day was finished off when Franklin high school beat Ingram 21-12 in football.

Franklin Quakers shares its 100 birthday with much of the surrounding area.  The Mount Baker neighborhood itself is just over a 100 years old.   While the area’s modern history dates back to the 1860’s, Mount Baker was platted in 1907 and the Mt Baker Improvement Club was organized in 1909 and incorporated in 1914.  In addition, Seward Park (the park, not the neighborhood) turned 100 this summer.  No matter who Franklin high school shares their birthday with, it still is quite an accomplish and one worthy of a year long celebration.