More School-Zone Speed Cameras To Come

Photo Courtesy of: Seattle Times

Photo Courtesy of: Seattle Times

Just six months ago the city started installing and using school-zone speed cameras to catch those speeding in school zones. Mayor McGinn wants to take the money that was generated from the $189 ticket fines to install five more cameras.

The schools that would get cameras would be: Nathan Eckstein Middle Schools, Bailey Gatzert Elementary on East Yesler Way, Dearborn Park Elementary on South Orcas Street, Roxhilll Elementary, and Holy Family Parish school, both of which are on Southwest Roxbury Street.

Since the cameras have been in effect at least 30,000 speeders have been fined. Adding up to 5.67 million dollars in fines and 3.3 which has been collected. Mayor McGinn said, “I don’t want this to be about revenue” and “We don’t want people to be cynical about this program.” He is asking the City Council to expand the traffic-camera program because there is proof the cameras have made an impact. From Dec. 10- April 22the average number of tickets dropped 16%, and 96% did not reoffend.

These cameras are set out to protect students and children from cars that are going too fast. Seattle police Capt. Mike Nolan said it’s easier to make an impact on driver behavior with the cameras than with police officers, who have to spend five to 10 minutes on each violator they pull over.

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