Keep The Southeast in the Snackdown!

Last week the powerful Southeast Seattle took down the reigning champs, White Center/West Seattle! This week we are up against the small but mighty International District, as they feature an impressive assortment of restaurants! It will not be an easy win this week, but our neighborhood restaurants are pretty impressive. Some of my favorites are Geraldine’s in Columbia City,  as well as the Columbia City Bakery (if you go here, you must try the Bostock…its delicious!) and the Hi Spot in Madrona for breakfast is a must!

It’s looking like a close race! As of today, the polls are as follows:

Southeast Seattle: 43.78%

International District: 56.22%

Tonight at 11:59 the polls will close, so keep our Southeast neighborhood in the Snackdown! We are close to the semi-finals!  Vote! Vote! Vote!