About Mount Baker

Seattle’s Mount Baker neighborhood is located in southeast Seattle along the shores of Lake Washington.  Like many of Seattle’s neighborhoods the boundaries are fuzzy, especially when asking Seattleites.  There is little debate that the north is bordered by I-90 beyond which is the Leschi neighborhood, to the east by Lake Washington, and the west by Martin Luther King Boulevard past which most referred to as Rainier Valley.  The south boundary is debatable at least how people refer to it in common practice.  Probably most correct the border is Horton Street where the Genesee neighborhood would begin.  But many would consider Mt. Baker to follow Martin Luther King Boulevard and then Rainier Avenue until it intersects Genesee Street which would be adjacent to Columbia City and Lakewood neighborhoods.

The Seattle neighborhood of Mount Baker name comes from the view of Mt. Baker in Whatcom County, that can be seen nearly 100 miles away across Lake Washington.  The neighborhood was developed in the early 1900’s with homes mixed with parklands along the hillside that slopes down to the lake.  As the name indicates many homes have views of the mountains, lake, and the eastside (Bellevue, Mercer Island, etc.)

Although there are many beautiful streets in Mount Baker, Cascadia Avenue is one of the most desirable.  Perched near the top of the hillside as it slopes down to Lake Washington, most of these homes have exquisite views with homes to match.

The neighborhood was first platted in 1907 and the architecture heritage can be traced to that time period.  Because of the planning at that time it has beautiful parks to enjoy including Mount Baker Boulevard, Mount Baker Park, Colman Park and if you are generous with the Mount Baker neighborhood border Genessee Park and Stan Sayers Memorial Park.  Stan Sayers Memorial Park is where the Mount Baker Crew Team is based year round and hydroplanes are based the first weekend of every August for Seattle’s annual Seafair celebration.  Franklin High School was built in 1912 and serves the Mount Baker neighborhood.