34th Mount Baker Home Tour Needs Your Help!

34th Mount Baker Home Tour Needs Your Help!

The 34th Mount Baker Home Tour is on the verge of being cancelled and needs your help!

This year will be the 34th Annual Mount Baker Home Tour, however without homes to be able to tour, the entire event threatens to be cancelled.

The Mount Baker Community Club needs home owners willing to generously open their homes to the community for their largest fundraising event, The Mount Baker Home Tour. This event typically raises enough operating funds for two years and is a huge asset in keeping the MBCC running.

Do you have a home with interesting architectural details? A rich history? Beautiful interior design? A gorgeous view? YES? Then please consider sharing your beautiful home for this wonderful and IMPORTANT event.


Have a unique home, but are nervous to offer it up for the event? Not to worry, the Home Tour is a SAFE and SECURE event! The MBCC places docents in every room of your home to ensure your home’s safety.

The Home Tour has never had a single problem, ever! In fact, your home is left cleaner than before the House Tour. Ticket prices to attend the Home Tour ensure that only history, architecture,  and interior design affectionados attend this event. Your home will remain safe.

If you think you’d like to volunteer your home for this great and important event, or for more information, email ebruce@mountbaker.org.

Let’s keep this event happening!